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Eritrea is almost exclusively a country of origin and does not play a role as transit or host country. The prolonged national service obligation by the Eritrean regime and a strained economy fuel Eritrean emigration. Many Eritrean refugees find shelter in non-African countries.

The Eritrean refugee population remained relatively stable over the past 25 years. Eritrean refugee migration was strongest in 1994, with 430,000 Eritrean refugees registered abroad.

The lowest number was registered in 2003 with 120,000 registered Eritrean refugees.

By 2013, the Eritrean refugee population was estimated to be 300’000, 110,000 in Sudan, 83,000 in Ethiopia, 35,000 in Israel, 13,000 in Switzerland, 13,000 in Italy and 46,000 in other countries.

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